Echo Cancellation Features
  •      On-board - no module
  •      Adaptive Digital Technologies G.168 Echo Canceller is a carrier-class, ITU G.168 compliant line echo canceller, which meets and exceeds G.168-2002
  •      Cancels up to 128msec tail - 1024 taps
  •      Non-linear processor
  •      Comfort Noise Generator
  •      Automatic tail search
  •      Excellent voice quality
  •      Cancels multiple independent tails
  •      Fast Convergence
  •      No divergence due to doubletalk
  •      Tone Disabler disables echo canceller during voiceband modem and FAX connections

Standard Analog Features
  •      No PCI bus bit banging!
  •      On-board Texas Instruments and Adaptive Digital Technologies Echo Cancellation technology
  •      Asterisk soft PBX tested and ready
  •      Zaptel/DAHDI compliant open source module source code included
  •      Custom Rhino PCI interface chip means no wasted CPU overhead
  •      zttool/dahdi_tool compliant interface
  •      Field software upgradable
  •      Loop and Kewl signaling protocols
  •      Distinctive ring in Loop start mode
  •      Caller ID enabled in Loop start mode
  •      Native analog DID interpretation on FXS channels
  •      5-year limited warranty
  •      Unlimited Support

R24FXX Pricing

We do not play games with you when it comes to pricing!

Rhino offers the lowest PCI card prices on the market. We do not quote a low initial price and later sell you "more stuff" to get the job done. We will give you a low price on a solution that is complete and ready to mount, plug in and immediately begin use.

Pricing for the Rhino R24FXX-EC card (r24fxx)$389

Pricing for the Rhino Dual FXS card (dualfxs) - $110

Pricing for the Rhino Dual FXO card (dualfxo) - $125

For reseller pricing and quantity discounts please contact us at 877.RHINO.T1 (877-744-6681).


PCI Card Mechanical Data

Size : 4" tall, 11.2 " wide

Form Factor: Single PCI slot

Weight : 1 pound with all included components maximum

EchoClear™ Rhino R24FXX-EC Modular PCI Plug-In Card

    • The Rhino R24FXX-EC is “ready to roll” with two incredible feature differentiations over our competition - our on-board control element, and our on-board Echo Cancellation circuit. The control element eliminates PCI bus “bit banging”, which means that the R24FXX-EC requires less CPU power, and more Rhino cards can be used in one computer over alternative, antiquated solutions. The Echo Cancellation circuit provides echo protection no matter what, to ensure that calls are clear, crisp and echo free.

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      R24FXX Features

      The Rhino R24FXX-EC PCI analog card features a control element to remove all "bit banging" on the PCI bus, something that other manufacturer's have yet to solve! This Rhino feature significantly reduces PCI and CPU overhead.

      •      Hosts up to twelve, dual channel FXS or FXO modular cards, using one RJ21 female connector
      •      FXS channels utilize the Infineon PEB3268 ringing SLIC single chip
      •      FXO channels utilize the Silicon Labs Si3050 and Si3019 DAA chipset
      •      User upgradeable, modules snap on and off easily, yet are rigorously held in place both electrically and mechincally