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We build each and every Ceros platform capable of customization with YOUR company logo, company name, address and contact phone number.

That's right -- you can instantly build product credibility with customers from the first meeting with Ceros. And we do it all for you, just send us your company logo and informational text, and we can drop ship a working and tested product directly to your customer's door. This means that you spend more time selling, while Rhino performs your product manufacturing. Our customers tell us that the best part of buying Ceros products is their customer's reaction to a fully branded, customized and ready-to-go solution. The instant credibilitythat a Ceros system brings to their customer relationship is priceless. No longer is this a Dell or HP sell, it is now YOUR sell with YOUR name on the front panel.

The Ceros product line brings to you two choices of physically

sized chassis with different CPU power driven appliances:

The Ceros 3U is our largest, most powerful model that includes lots of expansion slots, and supports CPU and memory upgrades. This model can be used just about anywhere, and if one is not enough, they can be stacked to provide even more power. CerosChassis

Ceros1u The Ceros 1U is our smaller, more conservative model with a fanless CPU motherboard, two PCI slots (one long, one short) and lots of space inside for hard drives.

Here is what we do for you with each Ceros order:

  • Orders in by 2PM Pacific typically ship same-day
  • Load what software you want (doesn't even have to be Asterisk!)
  • Install and configure your Rhino cards
  • Put your logo on the front OLED front panel
  • Put your six lines of text on the OLED front panel
  • Test and validate the configuration
  • Put the unit up on a public IP for your approval
  • Pack and ship it in our specially designed shipping container
  • Drop ship directly to your customer using your company name as the shipper

In addition, all Ceros units come with build options

  • Upgraded memory
  • Upgraded hard drive capacities, or SSD
  • Upgrade to RAID1
  • Ceros 3U - choice of processor upgrades (LGA1155)

Is that It? No, we also can provide the following for higher volume needs:

  • Custom chassis coloring
  • Ceros 3U - custom colored front panel colorization strip

We even offer custom design services. We can start with a Ceros and add or take away as you feel needed to create your own product look and feel. Take a look at our custom design service pagefor more details.

Contact us today with your requirements and or ideas, we are also great at helping with design specifications!